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A Naturally Digital Marketing Agency

Digital expertise is hardwired into our DNA. This makes everything we do naturally exceptional.

Make Digital Space
Your Space, Control Your
Brand's Presence.

Producing great results through collaboration, merging diverse expertise in strategy, planning, creative design and solid development techniques. We don’t only give you the best digital marketing advice but create an enduring working relationship with you as well. Count on us to stick by you every step of the way.

Active Ice Digital is a people-oriented agency driven by the desire to make digital marketing friendlier. Our work is basically to make digital space your space; a place your brand can thrive and make authentic connections with people

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Lil' bit more about who we are


We adapt to your brand, from corporate to high-end product marketing we know where you need to be. Our social media team and copywriters speak your language and the designers get your look. We work with you, not for you.


We are a small creative agency offering a fusion of branding and digital communication. We have the ability to perceive the world in new ways, to find hidden patterns and make connections between seemingly unrelated phenomena to generate solutions.

Digital Xp

We consider your entire digital landscape in order to delight both business and end-users where every technological element is taken into account, enabling us to think differently and work without barriers.

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The Studio

Our primary brand colour is green, but it doesn’t stop there, being a digitally focused agency, we use little to no paper. If we do a print job, we always lean more towards recycled materials as we don’t want our studio plants to feel betrayed. The studio is a green space, filled with indoor plants which provide the team with fresh oxygen and some tranquil decorations.

We take a humanised approach to our brand and the work that we put out. To humanize is to make something friendlier, more civilized, refined, and understandable so that users feel more compelled to interact.

We could chat for hours about this, but if you are interest, take a look at our blog post >

The Heartbeat of
the Studio

Mike De Bruin

Operations Manager




With 16 years of experience in the digital marketing arena, I’ve seen it all. From the birth of social media to artificial intelligence and chat bots, I still get a kick out of this exciting industry.

Ruan Labuschagne

Lead Developer




I code with purpose, highly caffeinated and musically stimulated to create robust, scalable, experience-driven, functional online platform. How's yours doing?

Dean Westman

Lead Designer




Painful attention to detail and obsessive structuring in layout and alignment is my passion. If you don't understand brand identity, it's time we talk.

Jessica Leite

Social Media Manager



Being a people person I enjoy working directly with clients, building relationships and growing their brand to its full potential.

Arthur Muzofa

Social Media Consultant



Creative and philosophically inclined, I love connecting audiences with the engaging personality behind the products and services. Let's unpack your brand over coffee!