Studio Team Photography Challenge – Green Light’s a Go

April 06, 2023 | in Studio

by Mike De Bruin
Estimated Reading Time: 1min 47sec

Our team at Active Ice recently participated in a photography challenge called “Green Light’s a Go.”

The winning image for this months challenge by Micaela Stuebchen

This challenge provided us with an exciting opportunity to showcase our photography skills by capturing a subject illuminated by green light at night, using only our smartphones.

Through this unique challenge, we explored the impact of light on photography and experimented with various techniques to capture the perfect shot. The challenge encouraged creativity and gave us the freedom to think outside the box and push the boundaries of our smartphones. Our team was given a week to capture their best shots, and once the time was up, we came together to select a winner. The victor of the photo challenge turned out to be Micaela Stuebchen, our Workflow Manager. Congratulations, Micaela!

Insights from Our Challenge Winner Micaela.

We were all eager to learn more about the meaning behind her winning photo, so we asked her to share her insights with us.

Here’s what she had to say:

To me, the photo of a light bulb with plants inside represents the importance of light and growth. But, in addition to symbolising the importance of light and growth, this photo holds a special meaning for me because I also have a deep love for nature. The plants inside the light bulb represent not only the growth potential within each of us but also the beauty and wonder of the natural world. Nature has always been a source of inspiration and rejuvenation for me. This photo serves as a reminder of the delicate balance between our own personal growth and our connection to the environment. Through this photo, I am reminded to cherish and protect the natural world around us, as it is not only essential for our physical survival but also for our emotional and spiritual well-being.

~ Micaela Stuebchen

The upcoming challenge for our team involves capturing a triptych photo, which comprises three individual images displayed together. If you want to stay up-to-date with this thrilling challenge and learn about the next winner, make sure to follow our social media channels.